About Our Services

A quick introduction...

Anna Carey is the Registered Manager with a BA hons in Health and Social Care, together with 30 years' experience developing services for People with disabilities.

The Support team are skilled and trained to a high standard with a wealth of experience. In 2016 our service was rated 'Good Service' by Care Quality Commission.

As a team we work hard in order to provide a quality service and Anna is supported by a well trained and dedicated team.

Some information on the services we provide....

Honnete Support Service provides care and support in accommodation and floating support settings for adults with learning disabilities.

Our aim is to provide support to people in their home, encourage people to develop their range of experiences and opportunities with a view to enhancing their quality of life and encouraging greater independence.

We provide a person centred support service encouraging and supporting each person to make use of all services available to them:

  • Work experiences
  • Day services
  • Leisure opportunities
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Social occasions

We support people with all physical aspects of personal need, health and wellbeing and encouraging the development of independence in these areas.

We support each person with daily living tasks:

  • Budgeting
  • Paying bills
  • Arranging benefits
  • Planning, shopping and cooking

We offer a flexible service and can provide support at anytime, this can be weekdays or weekends, overnight sleep-in or on-call support.

We will strive to deliver the highest standards of service.  We will endeavour to treat people positively and with respect.  We have a reliable, dedicated, experienced staff team.  We encourage people who use the service to be involved as much as possible in recruiting new staff.



A few words from the Honnete Team

"I love every minute of my work with Honnete, the people who use the service and the team that help make our support service invaluable"

Anna Carey, Service Manager

"Working with Honnete is not like an ordinary job, it is not a chore to come to work, it is a pleasure"

Caroline, joined 2000

"What a great organisation"

Kate, joined 2011

"I think the staff are great, they are very supportive"

Marie, service user

Useful Links

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  • www.thecornerplot.co.uk
  • www.thepaddockgardens.co.uk

Contact Us!

Telephone Anna Carey on: 07980 647114
E-mail: admin@honnete.co.uk